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Music Garlic

Boars Rock farm has been growing Music garlic since 2008, and it is a hardneck, Porcelain variety known for growing very large with 4 to 7 cloves per bulb.  The bulbs themselves are wrapped in layers of a thin, white, papery skin where the cloves are wrapped in a mauve, pink or brown-tinged skin, and are easy to peel.  Music garlic was originally brought to Canada from Italy during the 1980’s, and was named for Al Music, a tobacco farmer who introduced it to Ontario; they have a long shelf life and it is the most widely planted variety in Canada.  Music garlic grows best in areas with cooler summer months and thrives in climates with cold winters.


Raw Music garlic is very aromatic and offers a medium-hot, ‘true garlic’ flavour.  Use in any recipe that calls for raw, cooked, or roasted garlic, and  typically one clove can be used in most dishes.  Considered to be a staple in a chef’s kitchen, it is perfect in sauces, stir frys, marinades, rubs and dips.   Pure Music Garlic Products only uses our organic Music garlic and for making the best tasting black garlic.


 Seed garlic can be shipped across Canada, depending on the season and variety.  Quantities are limited; so order early for best availability, we usually sell out by Thanksgiving weekend in October.

Certified Organic Seed Garlic



Place your Garlic orders early as we are a niche organic garlic farm and only have so much product available. 

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