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Farm Products

Pure Music Garlic Products


The best part about Pure Music Garlic is that we offer  garlic products that are locally grown, produced and packaged right in the heart of Grey County.  We care about the sustainability of agriculture by offering pure, natural and gourmet products for everyone who values their communities and what they are consuming.These amazing products are just as nature intended, and what you have been asking for: gluten free, GMO free, no salt, no sugars, and definitely no preservatives or additives.  Everything from tasty garlic powder, dehydrated garlic chips, dehydrated scapes and a wide range of amazing season blends that will serve all your culinary delights.  Don't forget about black garlic as well!  Get all your favourites right here at the farm store or find us at local market stores, located throughout Ontario. You can also see us at the Collingwood farmers market or the many garlic festivals this summer.  Still can't see us? Just go order on our website, we ship across Canada.

Our Farm Raised
Meat Chickens


Every year Boars Rock Farm raises over 100 White Rock Cornish X chickens from day olds.  We continue to care and nurture them for a little over 12 weeks, until the time for them to go to freezer camp.  They typically grow up to a 9 lbs roaster and the meat is tender and not fatty.  This is due to the NON GMO feed that we buy from Windy Field Farms. 


We also raise Barred Plymouth Rock layers and we consider them our pets. We love this breed and helped bring them back from extinction. The eggs are brown with a beautiful yellow yolk and large in size.  

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Garlic Scapes


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Garlic scapes are the thin, curly, green stalks that grow from the bulbs of garlic plants. If left unharvested, the scapes will eventually bloom a little flower as the garlic fully matures.  But most garlic farmers harvest this delicacy in late spring to early summer so the energy can go back to the garlic bulb in the ground. These are meant to be eaten….because they are so good.  Also there are some people who can not eat garlic because of food intolerance and illness.  For those who follow The FODMAP Diet, garlic scapes are finally on the choices of foods they can eat.  The resulting scapes taste like a unique blend of onion, scallion and garlic.  However, scapes are usually less fiery and have a fresher, greener taste than the actual garlic bulb.  The texture is similar to an asparagus, or green bean.

Fresh scapes unfortunately have a short season because garlic farmers try to get them off the plants as soon as possible (the longer they stay on the plant, the smaller and less tasty the bulb).  They are also not available in many generic grocery stores, so it's a good idea to stock up when you find them. Here at Boars Rock Farm, we grow up to 100 thousand garlic plants and have always offered scape lovers the opportunity to come out and pick all you want for free, as long as you help us pick a bag or two for our production process.

Did you know Lorraine’s favorite flower is the sunflower?  She says they are bright and cheerful, and makes her happy to just  look at them.  So….now we are planting sunflowers.  The meaning of a sunflower includes happiness, optimism, honesty, longevity, peace, admiration, and devotion.  That is everything we believe in as a couple running a farm together, and instill those beliefs to our children.  It's no wonder why they are one of the top picks of flowers to receive.


Another reason for growing these different types of cheerful flowers are the many other benefits to Boars Rock Farm.  Number one reason is that sunflowers feed your pollinators; The showy petals attract birds and most importantly,  many species of bees including honeybees and bumble bees.   Another reason to grow sunflowers are for the free edible seeds, they are a regular part of our diet and contain a good source of vitamin E, and magnesium as well as other nutrients. They help detox contaminated soil!  This is important if you live in an urban area and have bad soil for growing a garden of your own.


Personally, I like the variety Lorraine chooses.  They make a wonderful feature to the farm and add pops of vibrant summer colors.  We encourage everyone to come visit Boars Rock Farm and take plenty of photo opportunities with the sunflowers.

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