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Boars Rock Farm

Our Farm Story

Pure Music Garlic Products is my wife's business venture. It uses our Organic Music Garlic to produce the highest quality products for you to enjoy.

It all started in 2006...

We were  searching for a farm to call our own, in a 2 month period we drove over 15,000kms and looked at many uninhabitable houses with no outbuildings on the farms. A balanced farm is essential, a portion of woodland, good water and fertile soil. Finally we found what we were looking for, and as a family made the decision to move to Grey County. Upon one of the many inspections we were walking the farm, I came across a very large boulder and climbed to the top of it. I said to my son that it was like Boars Rock lookout in Scotland, for Clan MacLaren which I have visited in the past. Boar's Rock was the rallying point for the Clan. At that very instant the farm became Boars Rock for the rallying point of our family farming future. 



The property was sold from crown land to the Foy family February 26th, 1850 who moved from Ireland and wanted a better life in Canada. The Foy’s carved out a family farm by hand, and had farmed it for many generations.  Paul and I are proud of the Foy family history and have honored the family name by incorporating the scotch thistle into one of our barn quilts.    


We started a large vegetable garden and raised chickens. Our kids enjoyed growing their own veggies and helping our tenant farmer with barn chores with  his beef cattle, and  even joined the Rocklyn 4-H calf club.  It was around September 2008 when I saw some garlic for sale, and decided to give it a try.  The five bulbs turned into 35 plants and the following year we harvested our first garlic bulbs from the ground.  In 2019 we had up to 50,000 plants but Mother Nature was not on our side and it spelled disaster for our garlic crop. We managed to salvage a small amount to start over all over and that's how Pure Music Garlic products began. 


In a follow up of our farming adventures, Lorraine and I now have over 150,000 garlic in a little over 2 acres and continue to grow organic Music garlic.


Our Farming Philosophy and Practices

We are doing our part to grow towards a sustainable future.

Boars Rock Farm is proud to offer some of the best organic garlic in North America.  Lorraine and I were raised to respect the soil without using harmful pesticides and have always grown our garlic in socially, responsible ways to preserve the earth, our generation and generations to come.  We care about our planet and the challenges that we face environmentally.


We strive to reduce our impact as growers of garlic and stewards of the land by using regenerative practice. We incorporate a continual crop rotation, throughout our 100 acres and give back nutrients to the soil with an organic cover crop of buckwheat or rye and organic compost as well as other soil amendments.


Our Vision &
the Future of
Boars Rock Farm

IMG_3353 (1).JPG

Farm Tours

We would love to have you visit Boars Rock Farm and show you how we operate. 


We can just give you the tour, or if you'd like to get your hands dirty, talk to us about a hands-on experience. 


Don't forget to pop into our farm store to purchase fresh garlic (depending on availability) and all of Pure Music garlic products.


Please contact us for availability of farm tours!

Commercial Kitchen

& Farm Store

In 2020, we have added an incredible asset to the farm. We have built a commercial kitchen so that we can process and package Pure Music Garlic Products without having to rely on outside sources. This space will serve as a test kitchen also for coming up with new amazing products. 


The store is open all year long by appointment only. Please call/text Lorraine at 519.942.5410 to book your appointment.

Upcoming Events/ Festivals

• Collingwood Farmers Market - Every Saturday 8am - 1pm from May to Thanksgiving weekend

• 23rd annual Perth Lions Garlic Festival, August 12 &13

• Haliburton garlic Festival (please look for upcoming date)

• Verona Garlic Festival -Labour Day Weekend

• Stratford Garlic Festival - September

Pure Music Garlic Products

Boars Rock farm is proud to be home to Pure Music Garlic.  We grow organic garlic called Music and then produce and package all the amazing products right here on the farm.


These tasty products are just as nature intended and what you have been asking for without compromising taste and quality. 100% gluten-free, GMO free, no salt, no preservatives, no sugar and additives.


Working into the future..

We are continually learning about sustainable farming practices to pass on to our kids and their future in agriculture.  We also continue to sell our organic garlic to anyone who is looking for the best garlic we can produce here at Boars Rock Farm.

Learn more about our Barn Quilts

We are very proud to be a part of "For the Love of Grey Barn Quilt Trail" and have two barn quilts on our barn and airplane hanger. Lorraine is the committee chair and very passionate about the project as a whole. Please go to for a trail map to see these beautiful works of art yourself.  

How we used to plant our
Garlic by hand.

Cultivating our Garlic Fields with a 1948 Allis-Chalmers G

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