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Boars Rock Farm

“....Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French; sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek; soy sauce makes it Chinese;  GARLIC makes it all good.”

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Here at Boars Rock Farm we are a 100 acre family farm located outside of Rocklyn, Ontario. We grow Organic Music garlic, and raise non-GMO chickens and eggs.  It is also home to Pure Music Garlic Products. We have created our own line of Premium gourmet garlic products using our garlic from the farm, processed and packaged in our commercial kitchen and sold at our farm store.

We believe in sustainable agriculture, freedom, fresh air, and producing the best products as nature intended.

If you are interested in trying our products, please stop in to visit our farm store, or shop online anytime at


You can also catch us at The Collingwood Farmers Market May 20th - October 7th every Saturday, or at the many Ontario Garlic Festivals in the summer and fall. 


Thank you for looking us up, 

Paul & Lorraine Irwin

Dalton and Kassidy


What is the Boars Rock Difference


Regenerative & Sustainable Practices

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Music Garlic


We are family farm first

We are a family farm first and foremost. This adventure into Garlic Farming has become a family affair and we love that it has become not only a business for us but also a way of life. We utilize Regenerative and Sustainable Practices on our farm to grow the best tasting Music Garlic we possibly can!

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